The Fear Of Speech Delay

Every couple at one point of time yearns for a child and when the child is born comes the happiness , the joy and the feeling of fulfilment of having a complete family.

But along with all these emotions also comes the new responsibilities , learnings, and "Fears".

One such fear of young parents is that of "#Speech Delay" in their child.

As the name suggests "Speech delay" is when a child is not developing speech and language skills at the expected age.

So every child is different and attains his or her milestones at his or her own pace.

The problem with today's generation is that we observe others a lot and compare and then we panic.

Now for example , I and my baby go out for a walk in the park and we suddenly meet a child of our baby's age and now I see that this child is speaking a lot where as my baby hardly talks anything , this now creates a euphoria of doubts in my mind as to why my child is unable to speak as him , is he suffering from speech delay?

From my experience as a parent I believe that Speech delay may be a problem definitely in some cases due to underlying issues such as autism or hearing loss etc but in most cases I believe the child takes his or her own pace for this development. However we should be cautious if any signs of speech delay is observed and consult a pediatrician for any signs of autism spectrum or other conditions like hearing loss or any issue with the mouth.

If there are no signs related to any disorders then usually below are the inputs from the pediatrics , few will tell that due to fast paced life of both working parents and not able to give time to kid so the delay is seen. Screen time in phone or TV may have an impact since these are one way mode of communication. I.e. child just sits quietly and watches the screen and there is no need for him to talk resulting in speech delay. Solution is to talk as much as possible with your baby and minimize screen time also the need to make the child realise the importance of speech .For instance make him realise that asking for a thing by saying "give" is more easy than pointing at a thing to get it.

The conclusion is Speech Delay is definitely a concern for parents, but unless you child is detected with some other speech related issues , they will definitely start talking and communicating.

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