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This place is a voice for parents , brother , sister , friends or any such person who knows some one with autism , speech delay, rare child disorders or any such conditions that is faced by kids. In India we have so many people who are burdened by so many queries related to these problems , but finding answers can be very difficult or expensive. Collectively here we can discuss about such issues , ask queries that are on your mind , connect with people having similar issues , find answers from other people who have experienced this pain or professionals who knows how to deal with such problems . In this place we can all learn , discover and share knowledge. Also please note we are not limited to only only discussions on the above topics. Please feel free to add your blogs on travel , food or lifestyle as well . Being part of our "Let's Speak" Forum is a great way to explore these topics and also share your wonderful posts globally,  through genuine and open discussions.. Get to know Let's Speak by browsing the latest posts, and start contributing your own today.